lunedì 13 aprile 2009


You must register to perform searches.

1) Go to, and click on the REGISTRAZIONE [REGISTRATION] tab.

2) Fill out the form. All fields marked with an asterisk ( *) are mandatory. Check to make sure your email address is correct. Click on INVIA [SEND].

3) You will momentarily receive an email containing a PINCODE that you will use to complete your registration.

4) On the website, click on the RICERCA [SEARCH] tab. Enter your email address, and click on the ATTIVAZIONE [ACTIVATION] tab. You will click on this tab just this one time in order to register; hereafter you will click on the LOGIN button.

5) Enter your PINCODE, and click on LOGIN.

6) Choose a password at least 8 characters in length (only letter and number characters, and at least 3 letter and 3 numbers), for example, test2009.

7) Choose a nickname between 5 and 8 alphanumeric (letters or numbers) characters in length.

You will now be able to perform 4 searches per day. On the left, choose the last name you are researching. On the right you will see the searches that you have performed in the past.

Si ringrazia, per la cortese traduzione in lingua inglese, il sig. Claudio Cambon di Long Beach, CA

(Stati Uniti).

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